New Madison Police Department

The New Madison Police Department is asking our residents to not leave any items of value in an unlocked car.   Locking up the house when you leave will help deter anyone from taking advantage of you and your home. When you see individuals who you do not recognize as a resident of the Village please call (937) 548-2020 and have an Officer check the area. Together we can keep our Village safe and put our best foot forward to keep the criminal element in check.

The Tri-Village School zone is enforced by the New Madison Police Department.   The school zone is monitored by radar and citations can and will be issued if you are exceeding the posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour.    There are two signs; when the yellow lights are flashing and the 20 MPH is illuminated the school zone speed limit is enforced.   Please help the New Madison Police Department protect the children of our village by observing the speed limit and having a constant eye out for the crossing guard.

Office (937) 996-0298              Fax (937) 996-3011

Dispatch Office (Non Emergency) (937) 548-2020

Emergency Dial 911

Chief of Police Chester Banks

124 South Harrison Street New Madison, Ohio 45346


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